Date : 2023

One of the most notable items that AstroFunk supplied was the banners. These banners were a great way to bring attention to the conference and create a sense of unity among the attendees. The bold colors and clean designs of the banners made them stand out and helped to create a visually impressive display and recognition of the brand.

Another popular item was the golf shirts. These shirts were not only stylish, but they were also comfortable to wear. Everyone appreciated the quality of the shirts and attention to detail that AstroFunk put into the design.

In addition to the banners and shirts, AstroFunk also supplied keyrings and pens. These small items were a big hit with the pastors and were a great way to promote the brand.

Finally, AstroFunk also provided gift bags for all the pastors who attended the conference. The gift bags were filled with a variety of items, including a keyring, pen, lanyard and a few other items. The attendees were thrilled with the gift bags and appreciated the extra touch that AFM of SA provided.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with AFM again in the future and to continue providing top-notch merchandise for their events.

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